That’s the word of Gary Vaynerchuk, the top inspirational blogger in the world. According to him ” Greatness is born from consistency.” That’s why I started to write a blog, even I am not very good at writing, I have so much in my mind, but I do not know how to put in writing. I can speak and write English but just little that’s the reason why I am just a dreamer, not a doer because I am afraid or ashamed of what might people think or say. But when I read his blog, I was encouraged, yes it’s true who the hell are they to judge or belittle me?

You’ve got one life, forget about where you came from and focus on where you want to be that’s the advice of Garyvee. I love photography, blogging, writing and telling stories to inspire others, so, I will do this step by step little by little, and I know someday I will be happy doing what I want. I don’t want to have regrets of not doing what I love, and what’s wrong with being 30? We have all the time, the same number of time you may be poor or rich we’ve got 24hours a day. It’s up to us on how to manage it, for me, now is the best time to start.


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