Month: February 2019

Just Keep The Faith For The Path Is Already set

I want to share a story from Brother Bo Sanchez during his talks at the feast. A very inspiring story that once reminds us to focus and concentrate on where we good at, not on our weakness.

 Once upon a time, there was a man who was applying for a janitor in a big company. The HR manager was interviewing him, after a very, very satisfactory interview the HR manager told the would be a janitor. “You’re hired” Thank you, sir, thank you so much answered by the man. The HR manager said, well, I just want you to fill out this forms, well, just give me your email address so that I will email to you the other documents that you have to sign and tell you when you will report to work as a janitor. The man said, Oh no, ah sir I do not have an email. The HR manager said, you, you do not have an email? A person who does not have an email in this world does not exist, and someone who does not exist cannot be a janitor! I am sorry you are not hired. So the man left that office totally depressed, very discouraged he only had 300 bucks in his pocket. He began to think his 3-year old daughter in his home, hungry waiting for food. He told himself, I need to do something! He thought for something that he knew he could do. He went to the market he bought 300 worth of tomatoes he put it in the plastic bag and he went door to door and sell those tomatoes. After two hours he sold all of them and doubled his money, he goes back to the market, buys 600 worth of tomatoes sell them again door to door, and he has now doubled the money 1,200 bucks, and he said, the day is not yet over. He goes back to the market he buys more tomatoes worth 1,200 bucks doubles the money by selling all of them and at the end of the evening he got 2,400 bucks. He told himself, My Gosh! I can do this. I can survive! After a few weeks he was able to buy a cart and after few more months he was able to buy a second-hand truck, after two years he had three trucks and after 10 years he was a very, very big food distributor. He had a fleet of trucks and he became a wealthy man. One day, a friend of his came, an insurance agent who sold life insurance, so he was there, and the friend filing up the application form for a rich man. He said, sir, do you have an email address? The rich man said, I do not have an email address, and the agent said, you are able to build a business empire without having an email address? Who would you be now if you had an email address? The rich man answered I would be a janitor.

The story reminds us that whatever we do, whatever the outcome of what we do we must accept it positively. Because God is with us and He knows what is good for us. Let us always ask God for guidance as what the bible says, Proverbs 3:6 “Seek his will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” A sample of this is Jack Ma the co-founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group who applied for a job at KFC out of 24 applicants he is the only one got rejected, maybe if he was accepted he will not become one of the richest men in China. See? Everything was already set you were rejected does not mean you are weak but the truth is, that thing was not meant for you. As Brother Bo said, “your weakness is not God rejection but God redirection, God will tell you, that is not for you I have another way you to grow in and succeed in.”

To God be the glory.



The Implication on the Quality of LIFE

I grew up in poverty and it was not easy when my mother was pregnant with me, my father leaves us with nothing. When I was five years old, my mother decided to marry so that she has someone to share with and thanks God He has given me a very responsible stepfather. He raises me like his own even we are just poor but we are happy because he taught us to live with rich heart than with rich pocket because according to him what is the use of money if you have no heart yet you are still poor.

We are happy but still, it is hard, because if you are 10 years old what you want is to play and play and play but it never happens to me because I need to get up early and help my parents. When I graduated high school another struggle for me, do my parents have money to send me in college? I never ask them I just find ways. I became a working student in my father’s sister I help them in their household chores both of them my stepfather and his sister had helped me in finishing my college degree. However, it was not easy but I keep going I strive hard and harder until I finished college. Nevertheless, graduating in college is not the end rather that is where life truly begins and there is more fighting, striving hard and harder most likely if you are living here in my country.

When I start working as a Social Development Practitioner, here, I totally understand the true status of my country. As people, work hard and harder they become poorer and poorer opposite of what happened in other countries. What we did to help those people is, we educate them but not all understand, they do it now and forget later then go back to their usual habit. As John Maxwell said, “if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten”. If you want to arrive at a new destination, you need to take a new path.

Our advocacy is to help people and eradicate poverty as our boss always remind us those words for us not to forget and that is the reason for our existence. We help our clients, we let them borrow small capital to start up a small business but most of them failed why? Because here in the Philippines, you can start a business but “Pahirapan” in Tagalog. Why? They must pay taxes which much bigger than their capital and you will get the approval but it takes for how many days. And you will be going through so many agencies asking their signatures some papers to submit and then some government employee is not so accommodating it is like you are going to retreat when you see their mad face, that is the reason why most people are not interested in business only a few tried it. In some countries, the government will help you until you make the stand but here is different you will get what you want but in the hardest way and if you already passed the test, well, congratulation and be careful if the fruit of your labor shows some will stone you down. That is what we called ‘crab mentality.’ That is why people stay where they are because according to a Filipino saying, “Life is a wheel, sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. Problem is that when you are down the wheel stops spinning.

To wrap it up, I want to share what was my mother answered to me when I questioned her those times I faced difficulties. I say it to her, mom, maybe if you are rich by now your children will not suffer as what we faced right now, but she just gives me a simple answer. Son, if you do not strive hard right now your children will question you the same question.” So, tomorrow depends on today what you have done today you will reap it tomorrow. Each one of us is responsible for our life we cannot blame our parents, our country or our government what happens to us it is because of us. What we must do is to understand our life and our purpose. Every time I saw a man or people, families who just live in the street, under the bridges or some handicapped person I say it to myself, ‘I am so blessed’ thank you God for giving me such beautiful life. I am not rich but you make me understand what is life really is. As my uncle told me a story of a man who asked God. “God give me everything so I can enjoy my life, God replied; Son, I give you life so you can enjoy everything.”

To God be the glory.