Yes, I Do and Goodbye

In 2009, she said yes, and I left my world and she became my world. In 2015, she said I do, and she was the only world I knew. However, in 2017, she said goodbye, and kicked me out of her world and left me nowhere. I do not know where to start, I do not know how to start building my world once again. I am like a child crying in the midst of the night longing for my mother’s closeness and love because I am afraid, I am afraid because I am alone. But my family was stronger than my emotion, they showed me the world that full of love and they told me; Don’t worry my dear we are here to carry you because we are stronger than the world who once you’ve known. That the moment I realized that I need to stand up and put my armors back, and this time much stronger inside.

There are so many questions about forever, is it really exist? Some say forever is just a word and it appears only in the dictionary, not in real life but for me, I do not know, I do not let my experience define it. Well, that is the mindset of people who experienced pain in their past. Some stayed single because they are frightened to fall again and some stayed the same because for them they have only one love so they never tried to find another. However, some are brave enough they tried again and again because for them you cannot find the true love if you stop, you may rest for a while if you are tired but do not stop trying.

A person who destined to you do not just pass by, he/she will go through you. That is why it is called destiny. The question is, how can you say that he/she is the one who destined to you? How I wish, that everyone who passes our lives bearing our names so we will know that we truly found the one.

To God be the glory

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