When you understand your suffering pain will never be an issue

I always hear this phrase, ”Don’t stop dreaming, dream big, do not worry it is free.” Yes, it is free but achieving our dreams, we need to pay the price. We need to follow some process; we can’t do it overnight. We need someone to help and guide us; we can’t do it alone. According to Jack Ma, ” When you’re 30 years old, please find a good boss. A good boss is better than a good company.

There’s a well-known story of an expert who was called by a company to look at their manufacturing system. It had broken, and everything was at a standstill. When the expert arrived, he carried nothing but a little black bag.

Silently he walked around the equipment for a few minutes and then stopped. As he focused on one specific area of the machine, he pulled a hammer out of his bag, and he tapped it gently. Suddenly everything began running again, and he quietly left.

The next day he sent a bill that made the manager go ballistic. It was $1000!

Quickly the manager emailed the expert and wrote, ”I will not pay this outrageous bill without being itemized and explain .” Soon he received an invoice with the following words:

For tapping on equipment with a hammer – $1

For knowing where to tap – $999

That’s the value of wisdom! Mentors with knowledge help us in taking the right path towards our dreams.

But remember even if you have the best mentor if that dreams you want to take is not right for you it will never come true. But if you have the right dreams, even you suffer a lot in achieving what you want don’t worry, the pains the problems that you might encounter it will never be an issue to you.

Proverbs 3:6

Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

To God be the glory.

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