What a Pandemic Can Teach You About Simple Living

COVID-19 has disrupted our daily routines, but it has also had a few positive effects. You’ve probably simplified your life, and you may like what that’s doing for your health and relationships.

Is the pandemic helping you to get back to basic?

Bonding with Family

  • Talk more.
  • Share responsibilities
  • Resolve conflicts.
  • Have fun. Enjoy each other’s company.

Staying Fit

  • Eat healthy.
  • Practice self-care.

Finding Your Purpose

  • Meditate and pray.
  • Help others.
  • Continue learning.

Dealing with any hardship can be an opportunity to build character, using extra free time to create a more meaningful life.

Simple living makes you happier and healthier even when you start cutting back out of necessity.

To God Be the Glory.

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