Hello inspiration seekers,

This is Eduard; a Social Development Practitioner. I am not anyone special, I am only a dreamer who chose to live life to the fullest and inspire others to do the same. I am an ordinary man who wants to share my voice with you through my writings.

Dear readers, it is life o’clock, it is literally the time to fall in love with being alive again, and forever. I hope my writings would be the bridge to a fuss-free lifestyle. I hope my words will inject you with the belief that rather than self-love and self-discovery nothing else matters.

Life is a dish that your mind makes. Its taste depends on the recipe in your mind. Those who go for complicated recipes are surely the ones who keep wandering aimlessly in life, thus, die filled with regrets. You are in this world to live and not merely exist. So, I am here to tell you to stop chasing silly things while missing others.

I love to share some simple and scrumptious recipes to get the best out of your time in this world. My relationships, emotions and motivational stories will give you the secrets on how to stop seeing life as a sobering chain of sad moments. And remember that “The purpose of life is a life of purposeas Robin Sharma suggests.